Simple Ways To Stop Hand And Arm Injuries In Their Tracks When Using Hand Tools

Hand tools may seem like simple items that can't do you much harm unless you really screw up, but it doesn't take much to cause an injury like carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), which can sneak up on you as you use the tools more and more. Preventing injuries when using these tools doesn't require a lot of strenuous effort, but it does require attention. Take these three steps when you use hand tools, and you can help reduce your chances of both long- and short-term injuries.

Repair Options For Brick Problems

Damaged exterior brick, whether it's in a wall, fence or sidewalk, can lead to major problems if not repaired. A small amount of mortar damage, for example, can let in moisture which will then cause extensive crumbling to both the remaining mortar and bricks over time. When inspecting brick damage, use this guide to help you determine the best methods for repair. Issue: Discoloration There are a variety of things that can cause discoloration on bricks—dirt and soot, mildew or moss, or hard water stains and rust.

Preparing Your Roof For Extreme Weather

As the weather starts to change, you want to make sure you continue providing your roof with the attention it needs to stay in good shape and not endure damage caused by certain elements of the weather. The advice given to you in this article will help you to have a better understanding of what it takes to keep your roof in better condition, no matter what the current weather conditions are.

Tips For Identifying Leaks And Mold

If you think that you might be dealing with a plumbing leak in your home, then the ramifications could be much greater than you initially imagine. In addition to the natural effects of having a bunch of extra water pumping into places that it shouldn't, you might also be harboring a mold infestation. To help you figure out whether you have a water leak and what to do if you do have mold, here are some tips:

How To Keep Your Hotel Running While You Complete Plumbing Remodeling/Reconstruction

As a hotel owner, finding a way to keep your hotel open for guests while you conduct remodeling and reconstruction projects is always a headache. If you shut down during your remodel or reconstruction, you lose valuable profits that could be used to finish the work earlier. Keeping the hotel open requires some creative solutions. If you are planning on remodeling or reconstructing your hotel's plumbing, here are some ways in which you can still provide for guests' needs and not have to close the hotel.